Five main Reasons of Obesity

reasons of obesity

You have often seen in your life that there are many people who weighed 60 to 65 kg a year or two ago, But now their weight is between 85 to 90 kg, or they may be overweight. There are so many reasons of obesity and there are a lot of bad habits behind it and if you also have these habits and then you can get fat very fast.

You will have given up all these bad habits of that leads obesity, health is a blessing and if we don’t take care of this health, it can be a big loss. Obesity can lead to  joint pain, blood pressure and many other diseases that are very dangerous. Below are the five main reasons of obesity.

1) Lying Down or Sitting Down Immediately After Eating

The first reason is that people who do not do any work and lie down or sit down immediately after eating or do not walk or physical activity can get obese  because food is not digested. So you should walk for ten to fifteen minutes immediately after eating. After dinner you must walk because at night we can not digest that much food and we have to sleep.

2) Eating  junk food is one of main Reason of Obesity

The second main cause of obesity is people who eat more junk food like fast food, bakery items, fried foods, pizza, other foods that are high in calories, such as ice cream, and many other things that cause a lot of obesity. Junk food contains far more calories than nutrients, and research shows that eating more calories not only increases obesity but also increases the risk of cancer. Other sweets and sugary items like chocolates also increase fat.

junk food increase obesity
Junk Food Items

3) Alcohol and Soft Drinks

People who drink too much alcohol or soft drinks like coke, Pepsi etc,  have a very high chance of obesity because these drinks contain a lot of sugar and taking more sugar increase the risk of obesity . Alcohol also increase the risk of lever damage, cancer and diabetes.

4) People who don’t Exercise

Metabolism rate is the system in our body or the rate that is used to burn the calories in the body. Exercise increases our metabolism rate.People who don’t exercise have a very low metabolism rate which makes them very obese so if you want to lose weight you should exercise for about half an hour a day.

burpee exercise
Burpee Exercise

5) People who don’t Drink much Water

The biggest mistake most people make when they try lose weight is that they do not drink much water or drink water properly. If you want to lose weight fast, then it is very important for you to drink a certain amount of water. The right way to drink water should also come and tell when it should be used. There are some people who drink water immediately after a meal, which does not reduce weight but increases it. Therefore drink water always before meal and after 2 hours of meal. Drink at least 10 to 12 glass daily if you are female and at least 15 glass of water if you are male.

Five main Reasons of Obesity
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Five main Reasons of Obesity
There are so many reasons of obesity like eating junk food, less water intake, Lying Down or Sitting Down Immediately After Eating, Alcohol and Soft Drinks.
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