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tourism reduce stress

Today in the 21st century where lives have become extremely busy and monotonous, people are falling prey to serious mental health issues like stress and anxiety.The man has become a machine, working all day, taking in the workload and pressure, ultimately tired willingly or unwilling surrenders to it. Being humans, unlike machines, we need to revive our energies and freshen our minds in order to work properly and to deal with the daily life issues in a much responsible way. Tourism impact is is very high on our life because it reduce stress level.

Anxiety: A looming threat:

Stress and anxiety are very dangerous for any human being, as its symptoms are difficult to be detected at an early stage. Rarely people pay attention to it and when they do, it has already reached its peak. Be it anxiety or stress, slowly it not only affects the life of the victim but also the lives of the people who are connected to him/her.

tourism reduce stress
Man in Stress

Mother Nature: the best healer

Mother Nature is the best healer, the best medicine. It not only cures stress and anxiety without any kind of medical treatment (as it is therapy but also comforts the soul. As it is rightly said that, health is wealth. If you are not healthy both physically and mentally, you cannot perform any of the tasks properly. Therefore, one must take a break from all the things and go out to enjoy life for a while if he wants to keep going in life with a smile on his/her face and a feeling of satisfaction.

Tourism reduce stress and  helps you find the perfect places where you can go and breathe in fresh air, close your eyes and listen to the chirping of the birds, the rustling of the leaves and dropping sound of the raindrops. These appealing aspects of nature act as a stress reliever and an escape from all the kinds of stress and worries of life for a while. It keeps not only your body healthy but also your mind. It enables you to overcome anxiety and provides peace to one’s mind.

tourism reduce stress
Water Fall

Mother Nature has always been a great healer, a soothing friend, and a peace provider. No matter how much man has destroyed it, it has always given back pure love and comfort in return.

Tourism is not just a fun way of spending vacations; it is actually a blessing in disguise. Sitting on chairs in the offices all day long or doing the regular house chores in a limited space both men and women easily become tired and lethargic. When you go on adventures like camping, hiking, sailing, bungee jumping, where you have to bring your bones and muscles into work, it acts as an exercise and keeps you fit and young both physically and mentally.

Mental health, which has always been neglected, is as important as your physical health because of it the brain that helps you in your thinking processes and decision making. Therefore, outdoor activities on trips, act as a stress reliever and comfort provider, keeping you fresh, active and healthy.

tourism reduce stress

It has been proven by the conservation of resources theory (Hobfoll, 1998) and the effect-recovery theory (Meijman and Mulder, 1998) that when you are away from all kinds of stress, workload and busy and hectic routines, leisure trips acting as a stress reliever, provide relaxation and personal control. It has an overall positive influence on human life satisfaction and comfort to both mind and body.

How Tourism Reduce Stress | Tourism Impact
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How Tourism Reduce Stress | Tourism Impact
Stress and anxiety are very dangerous for any human being,Tourism reduce stress and helps you find the perfect places where you can go and breathe in fresh air.
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