How to Treat Depression | Symptoms And Treatment

how to treat depression

Depression is mainly attributed to feeling sad or losing motivation to do any activity due to numerous stressful events in life. The Men/Women that face this dilemma start to feel less pleasurable about life and cannot even muster themselves to complete even a single task due to low motivation. The best way to treat depression is by knowing the dilemma thoroughly. 

Symptoms of Depression

The symptoms of depression may include psychological and physical disorders. The psychological disorders may include losing interest in your work, feeling sorry for yourself. Sometimes in worse cases thinking you are better off dead than living. Physical symptoms may include loss of energy, loss of appetite and sluggishness in speech and work followed by sleep depravity.

symptoms of depression
Physical Symptoms, Thoughts, Behaviors and Feelings

Treatment of Depression

Treatment of depression depends upon how far gone are you in this disorder. 30 percent of this disorder is caused by your genes and is linked with your genes. It may run in your family and you have no idea until you reach maturity. Depression can predispose to make the person go onset or offset in depression.

A sickness like Influenza, hepatitis, cancer, or some other form of the disease can also make a person fall into depression. Stressful life events such as unemployment, financial difficulties, Childbirth or loss, retirement, or even loss of a person can cause loneliness leading to depression in the end.

Depression is low intensity can deal with simple psychological therapies and talking to someone close. While some mild or moderate cases need the help of medical and psychological therapies. Severe cases of depression need the help of highly efficient anti-depressants followed by effective psychological therapies daily. A psychologist usually aims to lower the severity of the case in severe cases and help the person get back the control to his life.

depression treatment
Man Sadness

Antidepressants and Medical Therapies :

Antidepressants and medical therapies may seem slower in therapeutic ways as the symptoms start to decay after 14 to 20 days. but 80 to 90 percent of people have shown some signs of improvement when taking these remedies Medical or Anti-Depressant therapies may help the person improve in this disorder but studies go to show that their chances of relapsing become high when they stop taking their medication in 8 to 9 weeks.

Physical Treatment:

Psychological treatment includes talk therapy with psychiatrists, Cognitive behavioral therapy, and inter-personal family involvement sessions. We know about talk and parent involvement but not about cognitive therapy. Cognitive therapy is a combination of psychology and social-behavioral interventions. It targets to regulate emotional responses from the patient to improve their mental health.

Depreesion treatment
Behavior, Feelings and Thoughts Diagram

In severe cases Brain stimulation therapies are also useful. It involves repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy and Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). The first therapy requires sending electric currents to the brain in order to remove severe mental disorders like being suicidal or having the inability to eat or drink. While in RTMS we use magnets on certain areas of the brain to treat depression and other mental disorders.

How to Treat Depression | Symptoms And Treatment
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How to Treat Depression | Symptoms And Treatment
The symptoms of depression may include psychological and physical disorders also. The best way to treat depression is by knowing the dilemma thoroughly.
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