How to Lose Belly Fat Especially for Men

Lose Belly Fat

Having a large belly fat is a problem in aesthetics and it can lead to multiple diseases like Diabetes, Heart problems, and Blood Pressure. However, if controlled properly it can lead to a healthier lifestyle and longer life. Different belly fat exercises can be taken by that person to lose belly fat if followed properly.

If a person has a waist above 40 inches, then his Obesity is Abdominal. The person having such a problem should take all the proper measures to reduce this belly fat. Some proven strategies may help in the long term fighting this malady also. They are as follows.

Reduce Carbs and Sugar Intake to Lose Belly Fat:

Cutting down carbs has been shown by many researchers to reduce hunger and promote belly fat loss. The same goes for added sugar content foods such as carbonated drinks, sugary sodas, and numerous high calories sports drinks. It has been said to be a cause for 60 percent obesity in adults ranging from 18-25 age.

Soft Drinks
Soft Drinks Bottles 250ml

Natural fruits have lower sugar content compared to artificial drinks. To avoid such a dilemma every time check your sugar content by reading the label on these drinks. This helps in reducing the sugar or calorie intake a long way.

Track your food and how much eat:

Many times when a person over or underestimates how much Carb or proteins he is ingesting. Protein is perhaps the most effective micro-nutrient worldwide. It can reduce craving up to 30 percent. You need to fine-tune your intake to truly calculate what you are taking. Try taking high protein content food with low carbs such as Nuts, Fish, Coconut or Olive oil, Legumes, meat, and other dairy products with low fat.

If you are struggling with your protein intake, I suggest taking a proper protein supplement. Many studies show that taking high protein content food help in reducing belly fat for a life span o at least 5 years.


Exercises Lose Belly Fat:

A fit physique with a well-trimmed stomach is a badge of honor, showing the world that you watch what you eat. Here are some of the exercises to help you lose that belly fat.

  • The mountain Climber: The idea of this exercise is to move your one knee from your chest and charge it backward after hitting the chest moving the other knee towards the other respective chest. This explosive movement may help in reducing belly fat as fast as sprinting for 30 seconds if done intensely.
Mountain Climber to Lose Belly Fat
Mountain Climber Exercise
  • The Burpee: It is a combination of push-ups and high jumps entailed one after another, burning an intense amount of calories. If the interval of sets decreases the effectiveness of exercise is increase
burpee exercise
Burpee Exercise
  • Kettlebell Swing and Medicine Ball Slam: Working your body core is basic if you want to lose belly fat. That is why the kettlebell swing and the Medicine ball slam gives you what a workout for your core. This exercise accelerates your heartbeat and burns some of that extra belly flab.
kettlebell swing and medicine ball slam
Kettlebell Swing And Medicine Ball Slam Exercise

Stay Motivated:

Final thoughts are to stay motivated towards your goal. Don’t check up on your belly after every hour. This will lessen your morale. Try to stay focused on your routine as consistency rewards you till the end.

How to Lose Belly Fat Especially for Men
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How to Lose Belly Fat Especially for Men
Different belly fat exercises can be  taken to lose belly fat if followed correctly, Reduce carbs and sugar Intake to lose belly fat,
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