Green Tea Benefits for Health and Diseases

green tea benefits

You may have seen many friends say, “Dude, bring me some green tea, not tea.”Everyone at the office, home, or in a hotel has a mug of green tea. Green tea benefits are not just about weight loss, but from acne to cancer and many other diseases.

Many people use green tea immediately after a meal instead of tea or cold drinks. That’s because green tea keeps a person fresh or reduces weight. But most of the time for weight loss and people think that it will help them lose weight.

History Of Green Tea:

First of all, let me tell you about the history of green tea which will be very interesting for you. Green tea was initially drunk in the Chinese royal family and only the royal family was allowed to drink green tea. If a common man was caught drinking or making green tea, he would be put to death. As soon as the rule of the Mongolian royal family came to an end, everyone was allowed to drink green tea from China.

powder of green tea
Powder of Green Tea

Benefits of Green Tea

The following are the benefits of green tea.

  1. Weight Loss.
  2. Lower diabetes.
  3. Reduce the risk of cancer.
  4. Make the heart-healthy.
  5. Improve brain functionality.
  6. Give relief from allergies.

Green tea for Weight Loss

This not only reduces belly fat but also benefits the whole body.  Green tea is great for weight loss, it can help you lose 8 to 10 pond in a very short time but the condition is that when you start drinking green tea, you should not eat junk food or oily food and do daily with it.

Green tea for diabetes

It is beneficial for people with diabetes and they should drink two to three cups a day. This lowers sugar levels so quickly, but that doesn’t mean that you drink too much green tea because it is also harmful.

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Green tea benefits for Cancer

Green tea benefits in many types of cancers. It has plenty of polyphenols, This is the chemical that protects me from cancer. According to a study, green tea has been shown to help prevent cancer. Women who consume green tea are less likely to develop breast cancer after treatment.  According to another US study, it reduces the risk of bowel cancer by 30%. There are some other types of cancers that it can prevent up to 50%.

Make the Heart Healthy

Green tea is high in antioxidants that lower bad cholesterol. It doesn’t allow blood to clot and the arteries work better and reduce blockage in cholesterol and arteries. Drinking one or two cups of green tea a day reduces the risk of narrowing the arteries by 45%.

green tea
Green Tea Field

Green Tea Benefits in Improving Brain Functionality

It contains a good amount of caffeine, It is a chemical that improves our brain function. When caffeine enters our brains, you can think better, make decisions, and remember things If you want your brain to work well, you must drink one cup a day.

Give Relief from Allergies

Green tea contains flavonoids that protect against inflammation. In case of allergies, use a few cups of green tea daily can reduce the swelling of the inside of the nose, which can be helpful in protecting against allergies. This way you can get rid of nasal allergies.


Green Tea Benefits for Health and Diseases
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Green Tea Benefits for Health and Diseases
Green tea benefits are not just about weight loss, Green tea benefits from acne to cancer and many other diseases. Green tea contains polyphenols, flavonoids, caffeine and antioxidants.
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